Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drinking the Whole Glass

Some see the glass as half empty, some half full. But I ask, am I drinking the whole glass, or just taking a few sips?

God offered me a full glass of loving care and provision, but for or a variety of reasons I rarely drank it. I was too busy with my own agenda. I wanted to do my own thing, my way. Yes, I asked God to bless my plans, and lead me safely on my chosen path. But did my way lead to the good things God had for me? How would I know if I wasn't even paying attention to His directions?

When I did contemplate following God's plans, I tended to think of them as either hard, scary or boring. Like a baby who bobs and twists to avoid the spoon of colorful mush swooping in her direction, I made excuses to evade God's nudgings. When it came down to real life issues, did I truly trust God had my best in mind?

A few years ago, tired of fighting my way through the life I'd chosen, I decided to do things God's way. When I went all-in for Jesus, He brought wave after wave of relief and healing to my heart. What a difference. I wished I'd done this years ago.

Now that I've felt His peace and joy, I strive daily to stay in step with Jesus. I'm drinking the whole glass of God's love, gulping each delectable experience He brings my way.